About Us

Who are we?

First and foremost, CrossFit Excitement is a strength and conditioning facility that aims to develop high levels of fitness and athleticism through constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. More importantly, CrossFit Excitement is a community of individuals whose goal is to be happy, healthy, and fit. We support, care, and encourage each other in a non-intimidating environment.

What do we do?

Our fitness is achieved by efficiently combining the most effective training methods of athletics: endurance, speed training, kettlebells, gymnastics, Olympic and power weightlifting, etc.! When properly performed these functional movements make you stronger and prepare you for life both in and outside of the gym.

How do we do it?

We create the workout of the day using our unique programming methodology. These short workouts are designed to maximize results for any individual. Every workout is scalable to all levels of fitness so no matter where you are at in your fitness journey, you can be assured that our expert trainers will deliver to you a safe and effective workout, one that will hopefully leave you asking for more!