Constantly Varied

Constantly Varied means we are continuously changing the workout from one day to another. We don't let the body adept to the same routine and therefore we avoid hitting "plateaus" that are commonly encountered in a workout that never changes.


Functional Movements

Functional movements are natural, safe movements that we humans are biochemically designed to do. They are multi-joint compound movements such as squatting, lifting, pulling, jumping, and walking/running. They have the ability to move large loads over long distances quickly.

High Intensity

In CrossFit we measure the intensity of a workout as a function time and it has the mathematical equation I = (Force*Distance)/Time. Put in plain English it is how much you can move over a distance and how quickly you are able to do that. The goal of CrossFit is to create individuals who can move the heaviest loads over the longest distance very quickly. We want to create individuals who can do the most pull-ups, do the most squats, do the most deadlifts, do the most presses, run the fastest, and we want them to do it faster than everyone else.