Our CrossFit classes represent our core programming.  Each is class is 60 minutes long that includes a dynamic warm-up followed by a workout of the day (WOD). All classes are small group and led by a CrossFit Trainer 

Olympic Weightlifting

This 60 minute class is held every Saturday morning at 8am. In this class we focus on developing explosive power while perfecting the techniques used to execute the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.   

Kids CrossFit

The goal of the CrossFit Kids program is to allow kids to have fun through movement and play. Many of the skills the kids will learn are the same movements used in adult CrossFit classes, but modified to be developmentally appropriate.

Each 30 minute class will begin with a short warm-up, followed by instruction in a skill of the day. The skill of the day will then be used in a short workout or game.